Thursday, June 21, 2007

What A Day!

Today was a marvelous day. I can't believe I used the word marvelous. As a result of fortunate circumstances I was able to meet the greatest quarterback of all-time. He leads the NFL in games won by a starting quarterback (148) and 4th quarter game-tying or game-winning drives (47). He threw for over 50,000 yards and rushed for over 3,000. He took 5 teams to the Super Bowl and won 2 of them. He won an NFL MVP and a Super Bowl MVP. A lot of people dislike Mel Kiper, Jr., but he says every year that the greatest NFL prospect out of college he has ever seen is the man I met today. This man even dabbled in the New York Yankees farm system and averaged 36.1 yards on 7 punts. The man I speak of is Hall of Famer John Elway.

My encounter with Mr. Elway was certainly brief but will be remembered forever. It went down like this. Shaking of hands. "Mr. Elway nice to meet you. Hope you have a nice visit." That's right, if I had to take a guess I don't think I said my name but the gentleman that introduced me did. Oh well, as a friend so eloquently put it via text, "a non event for mr elway no doubt." That is likely true but it still was a great moment. I have idolized Elway ever since he took the Broncos to Super Bowl XXII and got pounded by the Washington Redskins. Then to meet him in person nearly 20 years later after seeing him dominate the NFL like no one else has or ever will was awesome. Thanks Mr. Elway for a simple handshake and a nice greeting.

(Photo of Elway after defeating the hapless Packers in the Super Bowl from Timothy A. Clary/AFP-Getty Images.)

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