Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dennis Dixon MiLB Update #1

Oregon's starting quarterback did decide to lace up the baseball cleats this summer. Some people can't figure out why but I say, "Why not?" If you really want to play baseball why not do it. I have no idea what kind of bonus Dixon got but it is bound to be better than the scholarship check he would have received by going to summer school. He has graduated but my understanding is that an athlete needs to be enrolled in classes in the summer to receive the check. Check the NCAA Rules out if you would like to make sure, I have no desire. Perhaps his break from Eugene, school and football will be a good thing and allow him to come back refreshed.

I checked out the Atlanta Braves Rookie League team roster and Dixon is present. He plays for the Gulf Coast League Braves. Interesting note is that every team in the league is called Gulf Coast League "parent club nickname". It fires me up to see the Dodgers rookie team undefeated with a 1-0 record. The GCL Braves are 0-3 after this afternoon's game against the GCL Blue Jays. The team website lists Dixon as a pitcher wearing #50. He has yet to get into a ballgame. The accuracy of the website does worry me though as it says Dixon's birthplace is Eugene, OR. I can almost guarantee that is not true. So take the information as truth at your own peril.

(Photo from Don Ryan/AP.)

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shmobin yo momma said...

New OC, and he leaves to go play some baseball? A little questionable.