Thursday, June 14, 2007

Colletti Listens... Sort Of

It has not been too long since I let my feelings be known about the Dodgers and their offensive prowess. Apparently GM Ned Colletti took note and said, "Screw getting some players with legitimate power, let's fire the hitting coach." Now I am all for firing people and trying to change things up when necessary. I'm not so sure firing the hitting coach is the best idea at this point but someone has to take the heat as I stated in an earlier blog entry.

As far as the Dodgers' lineup goes they could bring Ted Williams back to life with help from a device that melts ice and they still will not be able to hit for power. The Dodgers most memorable home run from the last two years was hit by Hong-Chih Kuo, a pitcher, a couple of nights ago. It sure was one great home run though with the leg kick, massive distance and phenomenal bat flip. Just click the link so you can hear Vin Scully if nothing else. As the lineup is currently constructed the Dodgers need at least two hits (when Pierre or Furcal lead things off and steal a base), but more likely three hits to score a single run on most nights. Unless Bill Mueller, the consumate singles hitter as a professional, has a legal power-hitting secret he decided not to use for himself I still see a trade or two needing to be made.

Finally, a quick mention on ESPN's coverage of the Yankees. Do we really need to make their 9-game winning streak against weak NL teams the lead story on SportsCenter? It takes 15-game streaks by any other team for special notice to be taken. I really don't care that the Yankees have tricked the East Coast media into thinking they are back by defeating some wrank teams from the NL. Yes, I do realize the Diamondbacks are neck-and-neck with the Dodgers. That is not the point.

(Photo from John Soo Hoo/Dodgers.)

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