Monday, June 4, 2007

Weekend Recap

This was an excellent weekend as the weather turned out great in San Diego. My wife dominated the Rock'n'Roll Marathon and finished in a tie for 13,338th place (over 20,000 runners participated). Her uncle also dominated by qualifying for the Boston Marathon. All in all the race was an awesome experience. If there was one complaint it was that the trolley service downtown was atrocious. This resulted in my in-laws (mom, dad and brother) and I walking/running about 14 miles on the day. This distance is confirmed by a pedometer I picked up at the marathon expo the day before the race.

Some interesting things happened in the world of sports while I was away.

1. LeBron James saved the NBA with help from Daniel Gibson. We now know with certainty that more than 30 people will watch the Finals. I could not have said that with as much certainty if the Pistons had won.

2. Billy Donovan's NBA coaching career can only be described as an unmatched success. He did not lose any games and did not have a single player revolt. However, he was seen crying only days after signing a $27.5M contract, which cannot be a good thing.

3. The Chicago Cubs are the worst team in MLB. Wait, I take that back. The Cincinnati Reds are the worst team in MLB. Hell, I don't know which team it is but I do know they will be battling valiantly for that title up until October.

4. The Oregon State Beavers are making an attempt at back-to-back titles. After a comeback today they are needing a victory on Tuesday to keep the dream alive. As the only Pac-10 baseball team in the state of Oregon I am left to root for them as if they were my own. Yes that's right, the Oregon Ducks do not have a baseball team. Please contact your Senator to complain.

5. Keeping on the alma mater baseball theme. My high school's baseball team completed a three-peat. It's sad to think the team must have been in 5th grade when I last played.

5. Danica Patrick has won the same number of IRL races as I. In my defense I have never actually started a race. I do not know what her's is. Next time her car is bumped by a former Indy 500 Champion I suggest she walk to the garage with grace and finish in the middle of the pack next time.

6. And finally, the Anaheim Mighty Ducks of Orange County California have taken a 3-1 lead. Who cares!?

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