Monday, June 11, 2007

Mr. Greenthumbs

I have spent the last 8 weeks or so trying to fix the lawn, with great results might I add (see above). It started with a little weed and feed and ended up with Round Up and a hydraulic rear-tine tiller. I would recommend anyone that lives in a rainy climate and does not have an irrigation system to do such a project. After seeding I was so excited to see rain in the forecast. In fact, I was extremely happy since rain dominated the forecast. The only problem is that this had me excited for rain for about 4 weeks. As of this moment I am desperately hoping for more consecutive days of sunshine than a women's basketball team record for consecutive possessions without a turnover. I have done little research but I think the number is 4.

Most people would think this has little to do with sports. That is pretty much true except that I think I have a chance at being a part of some grounds crews in the area. You see most parents in Eugene are worried about tofu options for school lunch, immaculate parks for pets and welcoming transients with open arms. They do not appear to worry about the quality of baseball fields, which I feel is very important. Every time I go by a local high school I cringe at the sight of the lip on the infield. I am sure the Little League has data that shows Eugene has the most kids per capita missing teeth, breaking cheekbones and getting tagged in the jewels by what would be routine grounders anywhere else. When I was growing up we would have died to have bike jumps as prolific as the lips seen on infields around these parts. Maybe the OSU Beavers' third consecutive appearance in the College World Series will lead parents to care a little bit less about the pet park landscaping and more about the kids brave enough to play baseball.


TazBalla said...

Wow Shitty, That lawn looks awesome! Holy cow man, you really do need to be a greens keeper somewhere. Can't wait to see it for myself and throw the pill around this Thursday.

Kathryn said...

Couple questions Joel...
1) Does Tazballa not know that your Thursday's are spoken for? ;~>

2) What happens when it turns to summer (read actually gets nice outside) and you aren't home to water your grass?