Thursday, June 28, 2007

Remember This Day

Assuming reports by Ric Bucher of ESPN are true, today is the day that will change the Blazers fortunes forever. And for that matter will change the future of all NBA teams. Technically, fortunes changed when the ping-pong balls came up black and red last month but who's keeping track? Admittedly, I have watched very little of the NBA since about 2002 so it would be dangerous to take anything I say as truth. In fact, with the NBA being so boring I only plan on watching the Blazers, which is more than I have been doing.

As I see it LeBron James has missed out on his chance to win an NBA title with the Cavaliers. With Greg Oden in the paint the Blazers are instantly playoff contenders. Be careful, an outrageous statement follows. Within 3 years the Blazers will be in their first of many Finals. Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge will be in their 4th seasons and Oden's wrist will have finally healed completely. I am hosting a Blazers draft party at my in-laws house near Sacramento this evening. So far I am the only one attending but I am going to have a great time. The only thing that could ruin the one-person party is the Blazers not drafting Oden. If they do that they pick up Kevin Durant instead, which isn't all that bad but I really want the Blazers to take Oden. I have already set aside an inflation-adjusted amount of money for my plethora of Blazers NBA Champions in the not too distant future.

(Photo from Motoya Nakamura/The Oregonian.)

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