Saturday, June 23, 2007

Kobe Should Be Traded

My feelings for Kobe Bryant are not ones of kindness. I can't stand him as a player or person so I really have no use for him. As painful as it is to admit I actually think he should be traded if he so desires. I generally am one that defends the players (see Briggs, Lance) and this is no different. It is hard to figure out why Kobe is asking his 8-ball in the mornings if today is a day to talk to the media and if he should ask to be traded. An 8-ball is the only explanation for his erratic grumblings on the matter. Have some conviction with what you say and stick to it (see Briggs, Lance).

My reasoning for thinking Kobe should be traded is that the Lakers do not appear to want to get better. At this point he has earned the right to play for a good team and Jerry Buss and Mitch Kupchak are too inept to provide such a situation. I'm not convinced Kobe can win a title without another big-time player alongside but I know he can't win with a NBDL roster of characters. The team the Lakers had this year was pathetic. To think a trade for Jason Kidd was nixed because the Nets wanted too much. How could the Nets possibly want too much? Unless they asked for the Laker Girls, management should have welcomed Kidd with open arms in return for the entire roster. Kobe has led the league in scoring the last couple of years and has stretches of games where he is absolutely unconscious. Reminiscent of the Clark Hall squad in 2000-01. It is now obvious that the Lakers only want Kobe so they can sell tickets. There is no desire to be competitive in the Western Conference and now is not the time to have that attitude. The Blazers' dynasty is starting in less than a week. The Lakers need to give Kobe his trade provided his 8-ball tells him he wants it.

(Photo from Matt A. Brown/AP File.)

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dadroza said...

I'm eagerly awaiting your Kobe vs. Jeter who do I hate more? column. Clark hall drunken monkeys; sheer dominance in its purest form.