Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Must Trade Now

Of course the Los Angeles Dodgers go and win consecutive games against the New York Mets right when it is time for them to make some changes. They are in a dead heat with two other teams atop the NL West but the potential is there for them to run away with it. The Dodgers clearly have the highest payroll in the division and it's about time they got their money's worth when batting. This will not happen if their roster remains the same. At this point in time the Dodgers' ability to hit a baseball, or lack thereof, is enough to make a sane Dodgers fan go crazy. Just this weekend Derek Lowe threw a 4-hitter and lost 1-0 to the Toronto Blue Jays. That is completely unacceptable and Ned Colletti needs to do something about it. Here is a quick glance at the prolific Dodgers lineup through games played on Monday (MLB rank in parenthesis, stats courtesy of ESPN.com).

BA: .258 (16)
OBP: .328 (16)
Runs: 275 (19, 4.29/game)
HR: 39 (30, dead last)
RISP: .275 (9)

The fact that the Dodgers rank 9th with runners in scoring position blows my mind. Due to MLB.tv I have been able to catch a fair number of games and it seems the Dodgers leave multiple runners on base every inning. Perhaps my expectations are too high but I hope not. If my expectations were any lower I would have to be a San Francisco Giants fan. The fact that the Dodgers are not hitting home runs is not a surprise but being last is. You're to tell me all those millions the Dodgers have spent on players and not one of them is a legitimate threat to turn a game around with one swing of the bat?

As always the Dodgers pitching staff has been phenomenal. The team ERA of 3.71 ranks 5th and the bullpen ERA of 3.46 ranks 6th. These performances on the mound cannot be wasted. Colletti needs to trade for a big bat, maybe two, pronto. The Dodgers have a stacked farm system and this is the year to let it all hang out. No one in the National League is setting the world on fire. With a couple of potent bats in the lineup the Dodgers will have everything necessary to be the team to win the Pennant. Rumors have it that the Dodgers may or should be inquiring about a few guys (e.g., Jermaine Dye and Miguel Cabrera). Cabrera is likely wishful thinking but the guy is a stud so such thinking is acceptable. Whomever the choice the Dodgers must get help now.

(Photo from Bob Rosato/Sports Illustrated.)

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