Tuesday, June 19, 2007

No Spell Check in Omaha

If you've read this blog before you already know my feelings on Oregon State baseball. I root for them as if they were my own and as sad as it is to admit I want them to win a baseball national title as badly as I want the Ducks to win a football title. That level of 'badly' is 'really badly' if anyone is wondering. Many people will likely take offense to that but they don't love baseball as much as I do. No one cares that I take offense to Oregon not fielding a baseball team so I don't feel too bad about my love for Beaver baseball.

Should you be a Duck fan don't get worked up over my feelings for the only Pac-10 baseball team in the state. This love does not transfer over to anything else related to OSU. Aside from their baseball team all other teams should compete at the D-III level and academic degrees from OSU should carry the same weight as those from community colleges. I would never let anyone near and dear to me attend the school. If anyone has any objections to that belief please take note of the picture below. Thanks to Deadspin for providing me the unending joy.

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