Wednesday, August 15, 2007

2007 Dodgers, R.I.P.

It sure was fun while it lasted. After Sports Illustrated picked the Dodgers to represent the National League in the World Series in its season preview issue I was pumped. The Dodgers appeared to have what it takes to make a deep run. The season started out well as the Dodgers were in 1st place for much of the season until about 3 weeks ago. The wheels started to fall off near the trading deadline and now they have completely come off. The Dodgers are stuck on the side of the road and everyone is passing them by. If it weren't for the Giants, the worst team in all of organized baseball, the Dodgers would be noticing last place in the rear-view mirror.

I had a hunch things wouldn't end well
earlier in the season. Contrary to the statistics, I had been watching the games and noticed the Dodgers registered a 0 on the clutchness scale. They have spent the entire season hitting singles and leaving countless runners on base. For whatever reason the rest of the National League was sucking also, thus creating the mirage that the Dodgers were actually doing okay. I usually like to analyze the stats to back up what I say but it would be too painful. Someone else can actually figure out the Dodgers record over the last few weeks and their batting stats over the same time period because it will likely bring me to tears. I do know that not too long ago they were in 1st place with the most wins in the National League. But winning 2 or 3 games the last month or so makes that a far more . The Dodgers are loaded with prospects but have been dicking around with them (particularly the ones at 3rd base) all season. They certainly can't be any less clutch than the old, cagey veterans so it's time to get them some playing time and see if they are as good as everyone thinks.

A lot of folks will want to put the blame on Grady Little because that is the easy thing to do but I'm convinced that's not the problem. It really is not his fault the team has a lot of old guys and the starting pitching has had injury problems. It pains me to say that the Dodgers are done but their collapse over the last few weeks leaves me with no other option. Thankfully, football season is here and I don't have to agonize over the worst hitting team in clutch situations my eyes have ever seen.

(Photo from Lori Shepler/LA Times.)

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