Thursday, August 9, 2007

2007 PGA Championship Preview

The tournament just started but a preview is still in order. I have had tremendous success previewing the last 2 majors so why not make it a trifecta.

Course Report: The PGA Championship is being held in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I haven't been to Tulsa but I have been to Oklahoma. Not exactly the type of place I would want to be playing golf in August. The course superintendent is probably setting some type of water usage record trying to keep things green. In the limited coverage I have been able to catch leading up to the tournament I see the golfers using water bottles like NFL players at training camp. With the weather being so hot I have a hunch a player that is in peak physical shape will take the trophy. So who could that be?

1. Tiger Woods - He demolished the competition last week winning by 8 strokes. For perspective realize that most NBA games not refereed by Tim Donaghy are decided by a smaller margin. Also, Woods is in tremendous shape. While some of the other guys are literally melting down on the weekend he will be grinding out another win.

2. Camilo Villegas - I am going to stick with the 'guys that are in shape' theme. Anyone who lies on his stomach to read the greens must be in decent shape. However, this tradition of laying out spread eagle on every green may equalize his conditioning in the warm conditions. He is from Colombia so perhaps he is used to such warmth.

3. Jeff Quinney - His near man-boobs may suggest he is not the most athletic golfer but don't assume that. I have heard from his former high school classmates that he was quite the baller. There is also word that his brother was a phenomenal tennis player in his day. With all of that taken into consideration watch for Quinney to be near the top of the leaderboard.

I can assure you that will be the final leaderboard. It would probably be wise to watch the event over the weekend just in case someone sneaks into contention.

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Anonymous said...

If golf is a game of inches (ie Tigers ball lipping out on 18) then what is it when you give him a 2 stroke advantage on the record?