Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Throw It Back!

I don't have much in common with Los Angeles Dodgers fans. The only thing I do have in common is that I am a Dodgers fan. I don't like the city of Los Angeles. I don't root for USC in the fall during football season then root for UCLA in the winter during basketball season. I don't go to Staples Center one year to see the Lakers then to see the Clippers the next year. And I don't have much use for Hollywood celebrities. I get the feeling we do feel the same about Barry Bonds though.

The last 2 nights the Dodgers have played the Giants on ESPN2 because Bonds is one home run away from Hank Aaron. Bonds hasn't done much and the Dodgers have been pitching to him for the most part. The animosity between Bonds and the Dodger Stadium faithful gives me the chills. Every time he comes to the plate they boo him and as sad as it is to admit I am doing the same thing from about 1,000 miles away. It makes me feel good to boo such a bad guy. On tonight's broadcast Chris Berman predicted Bonds would hit the tying home run tomorrow night in Chavez Ravine. I think he has made that prediction every night for the last week but we won't hold it against him. The Dodgers do have Brett Tomko pitching tomorrow, which guarantees that they will need to score 8+ runs to have a chance at winning. Bonds may get a home run tomorrow, I doubt it. In the event that he does I encourage the Dodgers fan that catches it to throw the ball back.

With all of the steroid talk the value of the ball has diminished over the last few years. One may ask how a ball that hasn't been used could be going down in value but it has. Just believe me. I understand that the ball could still fetch quite a bit of money but the chance to throw it back would be legendary. Giving away thousands of dollars is considered a terrible mistake in today's culture but I contend the individual that throws it back will become more memorable than the one that sells it. People will remember how much money the ball sells for but they won't remember who's bank account has the money. On the other hand, the image of a true Dodgers fan chucking the ball back onto the field will be right up there with the Kirk Gibson home run of 1988. I realize I may be talking out of both sides of my mouth by arguing one should pass up the money in exchange for the chance to become more memorable/famous. I just think it would be more fun to throw the ball back and have 15 minutes of fame as a result of dissing Bonds and the pathetic Giants.

As a side note, the record will show in October that the Dodgers late season dominance began with a Nomar Garciaparra home run on August 1st. It was a great moment for all Dodgers fans and will be held in my heart forever. It was the first Dodgers game I ever watched with my unborn child at my side. He or she will most certainly be a fan of the Dodgers as a result of Nomar's heroics and my celebratory dancing.

(Photo from Kevork Djansezian/AP.)


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J M Smith said...

Knicks suck!