Thursday, August 9, 2007

New Duck Football Blog

Rob Moseley of Eugene's The Register-Guard (putting 'the' in there sounds weird) has started writing a blog, Duck Football with Rob Moseley, to accompany his daily work in the print version of the paper. If you want to know as much about Duck Football as you can possibly handle I would recommend giving the blog a try. In addition to being a Dodgers fan, Rob is at every Duck practice the UO Media Services allows him to be at and has good insight. He has said he is going to try and make the blog as interactive as possible so if you have a question or comment put it on the blog for him to read or consider. You can be assured Rob takes his job seriously since he is also on the UO women's basketball beat. If that's not pure dedication to one's craft I'm not sure what is. Make sure you give the blog a look if you are interested in Duck Football.

(Picture of Rob from The Register-Guard.)

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