Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Chase Is Finally Over

Barry Bonds finally hit 756 last night. Nothing like hanging around just so you can break a record. It was fitting that the Giants choked the game away last night because that's the way Bonds wanted it. Having never won a World Series you'd think he do what NBA players are famous for and find a team to pay for that might give him that ring. Instead, Bonds prefers to play for the one team that we all know had zero chance of winning a ring before the season started. For Bonds it's all about him so last night is exactly what he wanted. All of the attention and a loss.

It's obvious I am not a Bonds fan so I wasn't really rooting for him to break the record. When it became apparent he was going to break it I was hoping it could just happen. The chase dragged on for what seemed like months and it was getting so tiresome I was rooting for him to hit it already. Seeing his daughter do the chicken dance was getting really annoying. The first time she did it that was kind of cute. Then every other time she did it I wanted to puke. ESPN would always cut away to her and make a sweet comment about it. If Bonds was the loving father ESPN kept telling me he was he would have told his daughter she was embarrassing the family. Unless she does that to dad every time he walks through the front door at night I think Bonds should have told her to stop. As I see it a team that walks the only batter on the opposing team that has any chance of hurting them is not being chicken. On the other hand, a player who wants to play for a team that perpetually loses so he can feel comfortable is a chicken. A player that blames a teammate for his failed performance enhancing drug test last year is a chicken. And a player who's personal trainer is in jail for covering up for him is a chicken.

My last commentary on the record breaking home run is the spectacular reporting of one Erin Andrews. Let me first say that I do agree with the majority of human beings and think she is quite attractive. Up until last night I was never really bothered by her sideline reporting. The only thing that bothered me was that sometimes she would report from the sideline at college basketball games and the director would not cut away to show her and instead just put her name at the bottom of the screen. Well, last night Andrews didn't show me much. I remind you that she has been in the Giants dugout for the last couple of weeks now so having to interview Bonds after the record-breaking game had been on her docket for quite some time. When talking to Bonds she came up with some brilliant questions. Let's see if I can remember them:
  • When you walked to the batter's box what did you feel?
  • When you started to swing the bat what did you feel?
  • When the ball hit the bat what did you feel?
  • When you rounded the bases what did you feel?
  • When you touched home what did you feel?
  • When you saw Hank Aaron's message on the video board what did you feel?
  • When you mentioned your dad what did you feel?
Brilliant work Ms. Andrews. I can't imagine what questions you would have been able to come up with if you had been an honorary member of the Giants for another 2 weeks. I don't rail on her because I wanted her to ask about steroids. That would not have been the time to do it but at least pretend that you made it through journalism school because of your journalistic merit Erin. My brother-in-law has kids in his 6th grade class that could have come up with something a little bit more intelligent than that. The good thing is that the chase is finally over. The bad thing is that I don't get to watch the Giants lose every single night. Instead, I have to suffer watching the Dodgers melt down on every night.

(Photo from Jeff Chiu/AP.)

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