Saturday, August 11, 2007

A-Rod Follow-Up

A little while back I alerted readers to Jose Canseco's assertion that he has "dirt" on A-Rod. He didn't actually say anything specifically about steroids but one could guess that is what he was referring to. As I predicted very little was mentioned by the general media on the matter. Put simply, A-Rod isn't the villain Bonds is. This week Chipper Jones has been bothered by media in New York because of some of his comments concerning A-Rod and his pursuit of the all-time home run record. I believe Jones was trying to say that in this day and age any player that puts up crazy numbers is going to have to answer questions. He may not have said it so succinctly but that seems like a reasonable interpretation. Due to my dislike of A-Rod that was essentially my point as well. If everybody else from this era (except Griffey, Jr. of course) is looked at with a critical eye, why not A-Rod?

Since I have kept my eye out for any discussion of this I came across a pretty good point dismissing the thought of A-Rod using steroids. I wish I remember where I read/heard it but I can't so the proper individual doesn't get the credit. The defense of A-Rod went like this. In the case of Bonds his home run numbers and body type changed dramatically after rubbing "natural" creams all over his body. Since A-Rod started playing at the age of 19 he has been putting up crazy numbers.

It kind of sucks for A-Rod, provided that he is clean, that he may have to go through this. Like my mom said when I hung out with friends of questionable character growing up. "Whether it is fair or not you can be guilty by association." It's not A-Rod's fault that he is playing today but regardless, he is going to have to answer the same questions as his contemporaries.

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