Thursday, August 2, 2007

Giants Get What They Deserve

As a hater of the San Francisco Giants nothing makes me happier than seeing them in dead last. They have decided that it is in their best interest to pay a very old player, that the rest of MLB did not want to sign, an extraordinary amount of money. In return they have one of the oldest everyday lineups in the history of baseball (10 out of 14 positional players over 30, some way over 30). Keep in mind the history of baseball is a very long one. As a result of selling their souls to the devil the Giants have also resigned themselves to being Barry apologists. This certainly is something I would never want to be for any price. I guess 35 years from now when the Giants still have not won a World Series as members of the Bay Area community they will be glad they devoted themselves to the great farce that is the home run chase.

Theories abound as to why the Giants have stuck with Bonds and for me it is quite simple. They are the Giants. They are a terrible team and have no other way of servicing their stadium debt then putting a sideshow out in left field for the crazy people of San Francisco to come and watch. I have long had this theory that Giants fans are getting just what they have asked for. An awful team with a player everyone wants to see so they can blindly cheer him (Bay Area folks) or boo the hell out of him (nearly everyone else).

Tonight as I read a side article on the Dodgers vs. Giants game I realized even Bonds' teammates have to toe the company line. Whether it was a coincidence or not the Dodgers hosted a steroid awareness clinic at the ballpark for teenagers. Personally, I find it hilarious that they had to reschedule the event and today was the day chosen as the makeup date. There really is no other team that should be opposing the Dodgers as they host a steroid awareness clinic. With the Giants being complicit in the Bonds fiasco I predict they have essentially replaced the Red Sox as the team with a curse. My grandchildren will be telling their grandchildren about the Bonds Curse many years from now.

The greatest quotes from the article on this evening's event came from the Giants themselves. Rich Aurilia said, "I saw that today when I was coming into the park in the taxi -- steroids awareness clinic. Pretty ironic, huh? You think they planned it that way?" Wow, that is a true teammate. Everyone knows if the tables were turned Bonds would throw him under the bus given his history as a true team player. Aurilia could have mentioned that it is a good idea to have an event at the park and that the Giants should consider doing the same. Nothing really controversial in that type of statement.

Okay, so the teammate looked like a moron, what was the manager's response? Bruce Bochy's response to the event, "What they're doing here, I don't have any thoughts on it." You're to tell me Bochy, who has had one former player that admitted to steroid use die at an early age (other drugs were also used, cocaine was found in his system at the time of his death), has no opinion on teaching kids about the dangers of steroids? What a moron. My only hope for Bochy is that the twisted management of the Giants that has pandered to Bonds all these years has told him to respond in that way. For someone to have a 'who cares' attitude about steroids and kids is truly embarrassing.

In the end, not only do Giants fans look stupid for drooling at the sight of Bonds and the ownership look foolish for overpaying by a long shot for his services but his teammates and coaches (who he could care less about) look like imbeciles trying to defend him. San Francisco Giants fans everywhere, have a good time with that Bonds Curse, I know I will enjoy every minute of it.

(Photo of the last time the Giants will ever win a World Series from the Academy of Achievement. So you know, it was 1954 and the Giants were residents of New York City since the majority of people reading this weren't around then and would have no idea the Giants have actually won before.)

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