Saturday, September 15, 2007

Upset Special: Week 3

I'm not as convinced as some that the Big East is a dominant conference. The thing that bothers me the most is that the conference's preseason schedule is chocked full of lower level teams. The top teams in the league don't really get ambitious when making their schedules so it's no wonder that towards the end of the season undefeated teams play each other. Well, this week the darling of the Big East, Louisville, plays one of the toughest non-conference teams for the Big East this year. It's the Kentucky Wildcats. That alone proves my point. Kentucky is a nice team but they aren't exactly a football power. Basketball power, yes. Football power, no.

Kentucky (+7, as of Wednesday) is coached by former Oregon head coach Rich Brooks and he has turned things around a little bit. Quarterback Andre Woodson is a top pro prospect and this is a rivalry game. Over the last few years when Louisville has been highly ranked and Kentucky has been rank the games have been close. Now that Kentucky has a top quarterback, is playing at home and facing a team that gave up 40+ points to Middle Tennessee they are going to pull off the upset. Hopefully, the talk about the Big East being a phenomenal conference will slowdown after Kentucky's win today.

Last Week: Oregon was able to pull out a squeaker in the Big House and even up my season record at 1-1.

(Photo from Ed Reinke/AP Photo.)

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