Monday, September 17, 2007

Doing The Hometown Proud

Most people know I am not the biggest soccer fan in the world, especially women's soccer. But when someone from my hometown is playing for a national team it is a big deal. Stephanie Lopez (#14 in above picture) is competing in the Women's World Cup in China and starting to boot. I have come across 2 articles on Lopez in the last few days. Here's one from The Oregonian and one from The Washington Post. (Thanks to this Portland Pilots blog for the link to the Post article.) In addition to being from my hometown I can honestly say I know her. Whether she remembers me could be an entirely different story. I knew her brother fairly well, her parents were leaders in my church youth group and I think my sister was friends with her. (I never did a good job of keeping track of who my sister's friends were so can't say for sure.) There, I stated 3 connections to her so I obviously know her very well. When I left for college she was finishing her freshman year of high school so I obviously was not able to appreciate the fact that my alma mater's girl's soccer team had a world class player. Lopez will finish a distinguished career at the University of Portland following the World Cup, has a bright future with the U.S. team and, according to the article, getting married soon. Seems like things are going well for her and that is good to see.

(Photo from U.S. Soccer.)

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