Monday, September 24, 2007

Dave Wannstedt?

In the age of blogs and message boards you can read some of the craziest things. Come to this site and you will likely read something you find outrageous but that's not the point. As an example of reading about interesting thoughts or predictions is a tidbit I came across today. Since I am not a professional writer I don't really have to reveal my source. It would be nice to but it really doesn't matter to the story because there is no way this is true. I simply bring it up to prove my point.

The first month of the college football season is coming to a close and some coaches are on the hot seat. One of these coaches may or may not be Dave Wannstedt of Pittsburgh. What may go down as the craziest rumor I have ever heard is that should Wannstedt be fired he would be interested in a graduate assistant (GA) position with the University of Oregon. Nothing against GA's but I find this hard to believe. A GA is the coach behind the coach. He does a lot of behind the scenes work that is crucial to a team that no one ever knows about or appreciates. Something tells me Wannstedt would love to be involved with a team on the cusp of the Top 10 but not that badly. We won't know about this rumor until the end of the season but it certainly is only a crazy rumor. About as crazy as hearing that the star linebacker on the football team and the lunch lady slept together in the kiln used for ceramics class.

(Photo from John Raoux/AP.)

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