Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thanks For Nothing

It comes as no surprise that none of the affluent regulars to this blog sent me contact information. But through the powers of my last name and bank account the meeting that has been cancelled twice is now back on. The individual with which the meeting is to be with was kind enough to open up his schedule and fit me in. The third attempt at the meeting is now...(drumroll)...October 24th! Wow, sure seems like the guy wants to meet with me. I understand I am the one that has been trying to set the meeting up but if the guy had any sort of class he would just tell me (or have his secretary tell me since she is the only person I can get a hold of and that isn't even that easy to do) he does not want to meet. If I'm ever worth multiple millions I vow to be straightforward with everyone. Perhaps that openness will be a reason why I never achieve such financial success. If so, I'll be able to live with that. My plan is to call the ball breaker next week and cancel the meeting. At this point he is of no use to me and things will get done without him. That is the last of the meeting debacle I will write about. Now back to sports.

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Anonymous said...

What is this meeting about and who with? You can use my name if you want. I have a lot of zeros AFTER the decimal point! As many as you want to add ie. $15.60, or $15.60000000000000. Whatever works for you.

Favorite Brother in Law ScZ