Monday, September 24, 2007

China Would Never Cheat

I have professed my belief that the Chinese will do whatever it takes to look good for the Olympics next year. It is true that they plan on shooting missiles into clouds to avoid rain, they have displaced a fair number of people to make room for Olympics-related things. China is well-known for giving the middle finger to the copyright laws of other countries, they don't treat citizens as well as they should, the list likely goes on and on. I am of the belief the Chinese Olympic team will also do whatever it takes to win medals. I mean, it's a part of the culture so I would be foolish to think otherwise.

Today word came out that the DEA has busted a steroid ring in the U.S. that is incredibly extensive. These are numbers related to the probe: 124 arrests, 27 states, 56 labs, $6.5M, 532 lbs. of raw steroids. Now you're asking, what does this have to do with China cheating at the Olympics? Well, according to the report a large majority of the steroids came from China. You ask, what constitutes a large majority? Try 99.9%. My assumption is that the number is not 100% because some meat head at a fitness center mixed a PowerBar with cocaine and tried to sell 1 ounce of it.

Call me crazy for thinking this can prove my theory that the Chinese Olympic team will be the dirtiest one in attendance but I do. Should any member of the Chinese team win a medal I will most certainly think they are on an illegal drug of some kind. The fact that they don't fail a test will not factor into my opinion. The Chinese government wants to put on a show. Since it is essentially a Communist state the government can do whatever they want to ensure that happens. If it means spending crazy amounts of money on performance enhancing drugs instead of providing legitimate opportunities for many of the Chinese people then they will.

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