Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mark Alesia Honored

Right about now you are asking, Who is Mark Alesia? I don't even know him, wouldn't know him if he walked into my house right now but I love Mark. Allow me to explain.

When I was doing my Masters thesis project on college athletic department revenues I was having the hardest time getting the research data I wanted. Because it was going to be difficult I only studied athletic departments of schools in the Pac-10 and SEC. Legally, all of the public schools in these conferences were required to provide me with the financial information I requested. After sending my questionnaire to the CFOs at each school I received at most 6 responses. It was Spring Break and I had three months left to finish my study. Things were looking very bleak. Then, after a heads up from the recently named Interim Executive Director of the Duck Athletic Fund (I'd link to his picture but am unable to find one on the Internet, just know that his grammar is impeccable), I found Indianapolis Star's Mark Alesia's research on just what I needed. Alesia, through the powers of magic or something, was able to find detailed financial information on Division I athletic departments. It was the key to my finishing graduate school.

Now that I have given you the full background I will get back to the reason for this blog. Mark Alesia was honored by the Society of Professional Journalists with its 2006-07 Investigative Reporting Award. If you are as much of a dork as I am, here is a link to the impressive numbers he was able to obtain. I'm telling you this stuff is absolute gold.

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