Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Dennis Dixon MiLB Update #3

Special thanks to Andy Mac at work for asking me a simple question. "How is the Dennis Dixon update going?" He could have been a lot meaner and said, "The information in your blog is terribly inaccurate. He has been playing." So yes, Dixon has been getting some time in the GCL Braves outfield. I warned everyone to take the information on the team website with a grain of salt. I should have been more careful about it myself, but wasn't. Dennis Dixon, who is still shown as a pitcher on the team roster has had 25 ABs and 0 IP in 8 games. That is quite odd and the primary reason why I didn't see he had been playing.

Dixon has been playing the outfield. Last night he was in right field batting 9th. After going 1 for 3 he managed to raise his batting average 29 points to .120. He also stole his 2nd base in 2 attempts. Though batting only .120, Dixon has an OBP of .313. Considering his low number of hits (3) and high number of strikeouts (10) that isn't too bad. Dixon has twice as many walks (6) as anyone else on the team. His play in the field seems to be fine since he has yet to record an error. All in all, Dixon is getting off to a slow start but there appear to be signs that he could be a serviceable player. At this point, that is all the Braves could hope for.

I am not an expert on Rookie League ball clubs but the GCL Braves seem like they absolutely suck (2-11). Let's hope for the sake of the guys on the team that Dixon is not the only one that hasn't played ball in 4 years. For having not played for that long, Dixon is holding his own. I'm not sure what excuses the other guys on the team have. Seeing that the team plays at Disney's Wide World of Sports a reasonable excuse may be that they are living at Walt Disney World for the summer. After spending time at Blizzard Beach I would be in no mood or condition to play baseball.

(Photo from Zane Pitt/The Daily Emerald.)

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Dadroza said...

ESPN is jumping in on your Dixon updates dude. Not cool you've been the pedro gomez of the dixon story they need to give you your due