Friday, July 13, 2007

I Have Pie On My Face

In the spirit of being honest I must admit to being a moron. Some of you will relish in my mistake and I have to live with that. A few weeks ago I compared Vladimir Guerrero and Alex Rodriguez. A large portion of my reasoning for leaning towards Vlad was because I stated he has won a World Series. Well, that is completely false. An individual simply known as 'Anonymous' pointed this out. Thanks to 'Anonymous' for the heads up. I hope this does not impact anyone's desire to return to this blog. I apologize for the embarassing blunder. This important clarification does nothing to change my opinion. It just makes my argument significantly weaker.

1 comment:

shmobin yo momma said...

Regardless of who has won a world series or not, Vlad the Impaler is such a better nick name for a penis then A-Rod.