Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Use Google Reader Now

I’m not sure if anyone reading this blog (that is, if anyone actually reads it) enjoys reading multiple blogs but if you do I hope you have found Google Reader. (Yes, I do realize I'm probably late to this party.) I came across it yesterday and it has already changed my life. Knowing Google there are probably a number of functions Google Reader has but to the layman (or woman, I suppose) it brings all of your favorite blogs to one place. For people with a blog addiction this is incredibly helpful. Instead of going to each blog 14 times a day you just go to Google Reader and all of the posts you haven’t read are presented. When I set this up yesterday I realized I go to a ton of blogs (23 or 24 to be nearly exact). This is somewhat embarrassing but I’m already married so I have nothing to worry about. I am not a blog expert but Google Reader can fill you in on how to set it up. Just be on the lookout for ‘RSS’ or an orange fan-looking thing in the right-hand corner of where you type in a website address on Firefox on your favorite blogs to add them to your list.

For your peace of mind this is not a paid advertisement, it's just me looking out for you.

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elmazz said...

JM glad to see you have found something that makes a positive impact on your life. Aside from the more joyous pleasures of Google reader and getting to know me better, might I also recommend adding a bit of fabric softener to your laundry. You may already be doing this, however that does not change the fact that it IS one of life's simple pleasures!