Thursday, February 7, 2008

'The Big Game' Ads

It has been a few days since 'The Big Game' so I think it is appropriate to name my Top 4 ads. Any advertiser worth his or her salt should be dying to know what I think a few days after. There are countless people out there with an immediate breakdown on the winners and losers but I gave all of the ads time to sink in (or to forget practically all of them). If they are paying $2M+ just to show the commercial they better hope it resonates for more than 17 minutes. Well, now that I have explained why my list is so important let’s take a look at them. In no particular order:

Fire Breath: This was an early ad from Bud Light but it was hilarious. Hilarious is generally what I am looking for. The part I liked best was that I think it is highly probable that the main character does not have pets since he was allergic to cats. I like people that don't have pets. I despise pets so I think the girlfriend deserved to have her place catch on fire due to a sneezing attack.

Unibrow Babe: If I remember correctly this was a Planters ad. I loved that the chick was clearly not attractive (unibrow, glasses, whacked outfit, weird gait, a bit portly, etc.) but was still able to attract the guys. You know that girl paid close attention to all of those stupid self-esteem assemblies in elementary school. For anyone that cares I do not have a fondness for the aroma of nuts.

Will Ferrell: Just as I don’t have a fondness for nuts, I generally am not all that excited about men in short shorts with a leg raised but this was an exception. I’m terrible at remembering lines so I can't give any examples but Ferrell used some great ones to describe his affection for Bud Light.

Victoria’s “Story I Don’t Want To Tell You”: If I’m not mistaken this was Victoria’s Secret’s first Super Bowl ad and they did a great job. This commercial will likely be used in advertising classes at journalism schools across the globe for years to come. Seeing the hot model in lingerie was nice and all but the truly redeeming part of this ad was that it got me thinking about Valentine’s Day. Here all along I thought that holiday was a bunch of crap. Who knew Victoria’s Secret would open my eyes to the necessity of such a holiday? Is it just me or is Valentine’s Day a much better holiday when Victoria’s Secret is reminding me about it and not some chocolates and flowers place?

Go here to view all of the commercials from 'The Big Game' if you so desire. Note, I use the term 'The Big Game' because the NFL is far more concerned about me using trademarked names than it is ensuring that teams are not blatantly cheating.

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elmazz said...

JM how long have you been married? VS is a staple at every holiday. Also great to know that you are NOT fond on nuts!