Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Having No Conscience

My wife was watching the new show on Fox about telling the truth while taking a lie detector test. For whatever reason the name escapes me and I am too lazy to try and find it. By the way, I am not trying to lie and say that my wife was watching it when in fact I was. I generally do give it a look (what can I say I love to see people’s lives ruined) but tonight I was doing something related to a small, and I mean small, business I own.

Anyway, apparently tonight’s contestant made it very close to the end by answering such questions as: Have you cheated on your husband?, Did you love someone else on your wedding day?, Do you still love your ex-boyfriend?, Do you know secrets about your dad your mom does not know? Now, it’s not that she answered them but she answered them all in a way that would lead you to believe her husband would never see it. On the contrary, he was looking her in the eye from about 15-feet away the entire time. So this lady completely ruined her marriage, though I think she did that a long time ago, and was going for $200,000 or so. Her question she had to answer truthfully was, “Do you think you are a good person?” Come on, with all of the questions she had answered they gave her a softball. She had spent a half hour answering this question. Unfortunately, for her, she thought she was a good person and the lie detector sent her home empty-handed, in more ways than one.

This lady was so stupid, but you know she really thinks she is a good person even if her lie detector results tell otherwise. This relates to sports in a roundabout way. As stupid as this lady is, she is no more stupid than Roger Clemens. He truly believes he did not do anything wrong. Tie him up to a lie detector and he will tell you he did it the right way even if the buttocks in his slacks has blood stains while taking the test. Only folks that think Derek Jeter is a good shortstop could believe Clemens is innocent. I mean, who else on the day before Valentine’s Day would throw his wife under the bus when talking to Congress about steroids?

As an aside, after reading all of this you probably doubt that I did not watch this episode. If you are married you know getting a description about a show in this great of detail is par for the course!

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elmazz said...

Come on JM you were probably glued to the TV.

My wife too explained to me exactly what you just described about what an effin dirt bag that lady was. She got exactly what she deserved.

What gets me is that they would make a nationally telecast show about this shit...