Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The NBA Is Screwed

The Dallas Mavericks appeared to have made a blockbuster trade until one of the players they tried to trade refused to waive his no-trade clause. Given only that information you would have to assume the player was Dirk Nowitzki. Who else on that team would you give that type of clause to? Josh Howard might fall into that category but that is it. Well, think again. Devean George has a no-trade clause and used it today.

Here I thought Mark Cuban had his act together. I was obviously wrong. With this news I would imagine Cubs fans are rethinking the idea of having Cuban as a potential owner. You can’t let someone that would give Devean George a no-trade clause buy the beloved Cubs. This day in age I am rarely stunned beyond belief with news about athletes. I admit that Devean George being the reason the Mavericks are not getting Jason Kidd is one of these times.

George is only in the NBA because he was able to hit a couple of wide-open, and I mean wide-open 3-pointers, when he played with Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. Can you imagine how many players would have a no-trade clause if it was given to all players that can hit an open 3-pointer with those two guys as teammates? I think David Stern needs to worry less about putting teams in Europe and worry more about the NBA being ruined. It is much healthier for a league to give A-Rod $300M than it is to have Devean George telling his owner he is not going to be traded.

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elmazz said...

Hey give Cuban some credit. He is trying to make the fight of the century happen! Cuban owned - HDnet fights just signed Randy Couture upon release of his Zuffa contract, a tired 44 year old MMA fighter in hopes to promote a fight between Couture and Fedor Emelianenko. I mean how is that even a realistic fight. Couture in his heyday maybe. But he is 44 and Emelianenko is an effin animal. Just goes to show you that money will make you "Cuban" do stupid things!

Like who in their right mind would pay a professional baseball player 300 million?