Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ridnour Played 4 Years At Oregon

It has been nearly a week since I heard this but it still bothers me so I had to mention it. As this season has gone on for the Oregon basketball team people have been up and down with the guard play. One day the guards are young and inexperienced and the next day they are playing really well due to excellent coaching. During nearly every broadcast the local broadcasters remind the viewers that Aaron Brooks and Luke Ridnour struggled in their first season as well. I’m not sure I totally agree with comparing Ridnour to the current point guards but that’s not the point.

During the California-Berkeley game on Saturday the esteemed Rob Kloss said something to the effect of, “Brooks and Ridnour did not come into their own until their senior seasons.” I did in fact rewind the TiVo to make sure I heard that right and I did. Of course, I do not dispute the Brooks part of that but I question why Ridnour has to be mentioned. The primary reason being he left for the NBA after his junior year. A senior year he never played. Does Kloss forget the epic Elite Eight run during Rid’s sophomore season? I am fired up for the next OSN broadcast because I am certain I will have something to write about.


Aross' Blog said...

Dude. Love your blog.

Can't say I miss the talent for OSN football and basketball broadcasts. Wonder who they'll get for baseball...

elmazz said...

I can't wait for baseball either! Not for the broadcasting, but for the OpinionSmith commentary on a sport that I know is dear to his heart...Here's to the future of Oregon baseball!