Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hawai'i Is Really Good

After watching Hawai'i play the vaunted Washington Huskies I felt they were extremely overrated and had no place in a BCS bowl. Well, I hate to brag but I was right. I am not sure what bothered me more though: Hawai'i being awful or the Fox broadcast crew being terrible. I watched the entire game (I'll touch on that in a later post) and waited for the announcers to divulge the truth. They briefly mentioned that Hawai'i had the most embarrassing schedule known to man. They even wanted to keep my intrigue by explaining that Hawai'i had come back from significant deficits already this year. These deficits were against Washington and San Jose State. Let's see how impressive those teams are. Washington's entire defensive staff has been fired, the athletic director was pushed out the door and head coach Willingham will likely be fired next year. San Jose State is a commuter school that should probably be in Division II. In no way do these teams resemble a legitimate bowl team, let alone Georgia. Just so you know, my bold proclamation is that Georgia would win the National Championship if a playoff were in effect. This belief in no way reflects last night's performance. It was only made stronger after watching it.

In addition to never mentioning the strength (or weakness) of schedule the Fox broadcasters must have thought they were only being broadcast on Eugene cable access. For those not from Eugene or familiar with it, Eugene is the place you hear about that doesn't keep track of scores in youth leagues and all kids are told they are winners no matter how bad they are. I know, I thought a place like that didn't really exist either. Well, the broadcasters seemed to be in near tears for Hawai'i. They clearly should not have been in the game and had no chance to win so the announcers started to pile on Georgia for trying to put up a ton of points.

As I see it, without a playoff system all Georgia can do is demolish whatever opponent is provided them in a bowl. Perhaps if they send a strong enough message and the "National Championship" game is a dud some folks will vote Georgia #1. Of course it's unlikely but without the ability to prove it on the field Georgia wanted to pile it on. I don't blame them one bit for taking advantage of the media hype that allowed Hawai'i to undeservedly play in a BCS bowl. For this reason people should not feel sorry for Hawai'i. They played the most pathetic schedule ever. It was so bad that Ohio State was offended.

Don't even get me started on Illinois in the Rose Bowl. My fury and anger towards the Rose Bowl snobs, Pac-10 Commissioner Tom Hansen included, is at an all-time high. There is no doubt in my mind a matchup of USC and Georgia would have been more anticipated than the "National Championship" game. If the bowls were based on a team's actual ability (e.g., a playoff system) Hawai'i and Illinois would have been perfect for the Roady's Humanitarian Bowl in the consolation bracket.

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