Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Broadcaster Brilliance

I realize I have tried to start some regular columns on this here blog and not had the greatest success being diligent on continuing them. Upset Special and The OpinionSmith Ivy League come to mind. Well, perhaps the third time is the charm. With all of the sports I watch (I watch sports like it's my job) I hear some funny and outrageous things from broadcasters. It is in the interest of others that I share those with you so that you can gain enjoyment from their brilliance, just as I do.

The first 'Broadcaster Brilliance' comes from Patrick McEnroe at the Australian Open. Early in James Blake's match McEnroe noted, "His mom is here today. I saw her roaming the grounds."

(Photo from the UN.)

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elmazz said...

That's what happens when your violent brother beats you up all of the time.