Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bowl Wrap-Up

Incredible Boredom: I have a serious addiction to college football. In fact, New Year’s is only a big deal to me because it means there are multiple football games to watch. Rarely, do I make it to midnight because I need to wake up early to watch the first game. Well, this year that totally backfired. The only game worth watching (Michigan vs. Florida) was the first game of the morning for me. The USC vs. Illinois game was a debacle (special thanks go out to Tom Hansen for that) and Georgia vs. Hawai’i was the worst bowl game I remember watching in many years. That game more closely resembled an SEC preseason game where they pay some hapless I-AA team to get their heads beat in. Now that I have had a couple of days to think about it, I am thrilled I woke up early. If I had decided to see some silly glass ball drop on tape delay I would have never seen a competitive game. To not see a competitive New Year’s Day bowl game would have been an awful start to 2008.

“They are who we thought they were!”: If anyone was surprised by Ohio State’s performance in the BCS Championship Game then you are an idiot. I doubt I’m offending anyone reading this since if you are smart enough to read you would not have thought Ohio State had a chance. My favorite explanation for why this year would be different was because expectations for Ohio State were different. The theory went that last year Ohio State started to believe the media hype and decided not to show up. Whereas this year the media dogged on them so they were going to be inspired to prove them wrong. That logic does not deserve any more discussion, it is that stupid.

Assistant Coaches Getting Dunked: I’m sure this has happened before but I noticed a lot of assistant coaches getting the Gatorade bath this year. The first team I noticed was the Oregon squad but I also noticed some of the BCS teams doing it. It makes sense that these coaches are the ones getting drenched. These coaches are the ones that the players deal with every single day. The head coach doesn’t hang out with every player every day. In fact, my guess is that a player most often deals with the head coach when he is being a screw up. It was cool seeing the position coaches getting drenched. They seemed pleasantly surprised and given the amount of time they devote to each player, the recognition is deserved.

Sun Bowl Sponsor: I love Brut! That was a common phrase among some friends that made the trek to “beautiful” El Paso. The only problem is that many people I have talked to have no idea what Brut is. Some people just had no guess and others thought it was a wine. This Brut is actually in the male fragrance sector. Most grandpas probably are all too familiar with Brut but anyone who does not have grandchildren has never used the product. If you are dying for some Brut product I know some people that would gladly send it your way so just send an e-mail. Sources close to me say a more appropriate sponsor for the Sun Bowl would be a lip balm manufacturer. The Sun Bowl folks could wage quite a bidding war for the game’s official sponsor if they pitted ChapStick and Carmex against each other.

Totally Unrelated: While typing this I watched the New Hampshire Primary speeches from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Though I likely wouldn’t vote for either, if forced to pick one it would certainly be Obama. That guy has incredible charisma. I could care less if he doesn’t have a track record. What good is a track record anyways? All politicians do is lie and go back on their words. None have conviction in their ideas so I’m not sure a lack of a track record or definitive game plan is that tragic. Anyhow, let’s just say I could listen to Obama on the stump. On the other hand, I’d much rather have a ball rash than listen to Hillary ramble and ramble and ramble on.


boothjockey said...

Well said on on fronts.

As far as the mix of college football and politics goes, I was heckled at the Rose Bowl during halftime of the Oreogn/UCLA game as I walked through the endzone toward the visitor's locker room due to my Oregon polo. "Hey tree hugger! Tree Hugger! Vote for Hillary you tree hugger!" I wouldn't give the schmo the pleasure of being acknowledged, but I felt like saying that I wasn't planning on voting for Hillary, but if that would piss you off, then consider it done.

My sincere thanks to the folks at Brut for a multi-year supply of deodorant and for making me "The Essence of Man."

elmazz said...

It's been awhile JM but you can't get ride of me, I'm back. And fully agree with you on the bowl season. Major disappointment. But hey the Ducks had a kick ass game! And Ohio State lost so I can still be happy.

I really can't believe that charisma is a deciding factor in how you will vote...