Thursday, May 31, 2007

Three for Thursday

Unfortunately I was under the weather today so I was stuck inside all evening and missed out on the great weather. My night revolved around 3 events, 3 entirely different events. I only watched parts of 2 of the events because I was waiting for the third.

1. Women's College World Series -
Every year this gets people excited. I tend to watch because it is on during the day and once in a blue moon there may be an attractive participant. Today I watched part of a game Tennessee was playing in. Their #2 hitter has a torn labrum and a torn ACL. You can't be serious. Is it still a sport when you can compete with a torn ACL? I have my doubts.

2. NBA Eastern Conference Finals -
As a Blazers fan the only thing I am looking forward to in the near NBA future is Greg Oden putting on that Blazers hat at the draft. In the meantime I catch a couple of possessions here and there of the playoffs. Tonight LeBron James manned up and dismantled the Pistons by himself. His performance in the 4th quarter and beyond was amazing. But for me the more amazing part was that Donyell Marshall got a rebound without even jumping. I thought that rebounding technique was reserved for 40 and over church leagues.

3. Scripps National Spelling Bee -
This was the main event tonight. I was thoroughly entertained by all of the sentimental pieces that tried to convince me these kids are normal. No matter how good the camera work is I will never consider kids that could ace the SAT at 12 years old normal. One thing was nice to see for me though. I now think I am starting to look older now that I am almost 25 years old. There was only one kid that had a better moustache than I could ever hope to have. In previous years there would be no less than 3 kids with more substantial stubble than I. And how the hell does a Canadian kid make the finals of the National Spelling Bee held in Washington, D.C.? Big props to Evan O'Dorney (on the left in the above picture) from the great state of California for the dominant victory.

(Photo from The Washington Post.)

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