Saturday, September 13, 2008

2008 Upset Special Week #3

Things are really busy around our place. Trying to get things in order for a little get together to watch the Ducks in HD. As a result, the upset special breakdown is very simple. UCLA over BYU. Earlier in the week UCLA was about a 9-point underdog and I feel good about this one. Lost in all of the referee hubbub is that BYU stinks. UCLA on the other hand, Pac-10 teams better beat this year and next because they are going to be scary good very soon. Or so I predict.


Anonymous said...

You better rethink this pick. The team that stinks is UCLA - their biggest loss since 1929?

Now the Beavers on the other hand were steller today. More than I can say about the Ducks - they were lucky.

From one of your biggest fans

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KP said...

So I want to know... was anonymous your mom or your dad?