Saturday, September 6, 2008

2008 Upset Special Week #2

After scouring the betting lines for this weekend's games there were not many candidates. A lot of "no chance at an upset" type games. Then I got near the bottom of the list and one game stood out: BYU @ Washington. Washington is a 9-point underdog so they're the pick. This boils down to one person and he is Jake Locker. I think he is a phenomenal athlete and hope he can turn into a phenomenal quarterback. The guy played some wooden bat college summer baseball and according to Baseball America was the top prospect in that league. I don't think he has even played baseball in a couple of years. The rationale behind this pick is pretty simple and is as follows:
  • The old-timers back from their Mormon missions have no chance of containing Locker.
  • Washington has to win this game to save Willingham's job because they are not beating Oklahoma next week.
  • I do not think Washington will play as poorly this week as last.
Last week: Stanford did beat Oregon State in a great ball game. I've already rehashed this brilliant pick so won't do it again.

Season to Date: 1-0


Allison said...

Do you only win if Washington wins? Or can you keep your perfect record if BYU doesn't cover the spread?

J Smith said...

Upset Specials only count if the underdog wins. The Pac-10 refs have it out for me. My constant berating of their 3rd grade level of competence gets under their skin.