Friday, November 9, 2007

Bring In The Moving Van

It has come to my attention that somebody is not smart. The University of Oregon women's basketball team plays on November 15th at 7:00pm. No, the fact that there is a game is not what makes someone stupid. Oddly enough at the exact same time the University of Oregon football team is playing at Arizona on ESPN. Who is the genius that decided it was a good idea to schedule a women's basketball game at the same time as a football game involving the #2 team in the nation? Granted, saying the Ducks would be #2 at the beginning of the season would have been laughed at but still, football is king. Maybe I'm the only one that thinks it takes an extraordinary lack of intelligence to schedule a women's basketball game at the same time as a football game. Given this stroke of brilliance from the scheduler folks I'm convinced the U of O would schedule a women's basketball game on Super Bowl Sunday if the Pac-10 would allow. For once being a part of the Pac-10 is a good thing I suppose.

How this whole thing applies to me is that I want to know if where I live is a place I could feel comfortable raising a family. After thinking about it for a couple of days I have concluded that if more than 150 people show up to watch the women's basketball game on November 15th I have no other choice but to rent a U-Haul and move before the 2010 calendar year is complete. Don't ask why I chose 2010, there really is no reason. Initially I was going to go with 50 people in attendance but decided to raise it a little bit after consulting with people that have lived their entire lives here. If someone has lived here for more than 25 years they deserve some type of reward by the way. From my vantage point I see no reason for anyone to choose watching women's basketball over seeing the #2 football team try to earn a trip to the BCS Championship game. It's the performance of the football team that allows all other sports to function so don't think you are hating on the women's basketball team by staying at home and watching football.

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elmazz said...

I'll tell you why you should have gone to the womens basketball game. Because when Dixon went down so did all hopes of a "Championship" caliber Oregon Football team! I too felt like crying with Dixon, I though he handled himself very respectably however. If you did not know prior to the Oregon vs. Arizona game just how important Dennis was, you do now! It was like the Ryan NFL show all over again. I could not tell which Leaf was playing. And to have Ryan commentating on the play of his brother made it that much worse!

Womens basketball is not all that exciting to begin with. And although the basketball team lost as well, at least it does not make you feel like you have just been kicked in the balls - repeatedly! My wife woke this morning and still felt as if her world was in a tail spin. It is amazing how much impact one football game can have on your life. I guess that is why we love sports.

As far as living here for 25+ years, just what kind of award are you suggesting? I have to say it has been a liberating experience as I have been here for about 25 years. So as long as you don't mind in their younger years explaining to your children what's on that mans cardboard sign that is standing on the corner, or once they hit middle school finding an empty bag of weed on their bedroom floor as they rock out with their buddies to a little Pink Floyd, then in their HS years you can pretty much count on them partaking in some of the other cultural activities this city has to offer, because if you tell them -no- they will find a way regardless. So if you can handle all of the Eugene is a great place!

Go Ducks!