Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hope You Noticed

Ever since Alex Rodriguez joined the Yankees I have had a strong dislike for him. Leaving the Mariners to play for another bad team and make $252M didn't really bother me. None of us would think twice about leaving our current job to get paid twice as much even if it was cleaning bathrooms. Okay, maybe that's just me. When A-Rod decided to jump ship with the Rangers and find a team that wins more than it loses I lost all respect for the guy. Now I'm not afraid to admit that if he left the Rangers for, say, the Dodgers I might feel differently. But that is neither here nor there. The basic point is that Rodriguez could have gone down as the greatest player ever and instead will be looked at as a complete moron. And classifying him as such does not even take into account his dating Madonna about 20 years after it would have been a good idea. About 18 months ago, I decided to make public my views on A-Rod. Basically, my thinking went like this:
  1. I think A-Rod is a loser and I don't like him.
  2. He hits a lot of home runs.
  3. He has gotten quite a bit bigger since his rookie year. (I realize he was only a teenager.)
  4. Everyone but Griffey, Jr. (the only true natural) has been busted for steroids.
  5. A-Rod doing steroids is something to think about.
Well, let's just say you can do more than think about A-Rod doing the juice. The knowledge of Jose Canseco continues to amaze. What all of this tells me is if you were a player I liked/admired before joining the Yankees, limit how many times you pee in a cup. A-Rod makes three now (Giambi and Clemens, the others) that I used to like then started to strongly dislike immediately after they turned their manhood over to Steinbrenner. Lucky f0r Mark Teixeira I haven't really been a fan of his so he can sleep well tonight.

One last thing. Don't let anyone convince you the MLBPA union is to blame for A-Rod's mess. He took steroids, end of story. Mark this on your calendars because I never take the side of unions.

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