Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just As I Thought

It turns out that Stanford was a three-point underdog tonight. That it was that small was a bit surprising to me but the Oregon State performance was not. I realize Mike Riley is a low-key guy but he certainly did not look surprised on the sidelines that his team went down in flames. He has it all figured out. Lose next week to Penn State and have the fans all over him and then pull out a winning record by season's end and play in the Tupelo Rotary Club Bowl played on December 12th. There is nothing wrong with that as long as the boosters approve of it and the folks in Corvallis have shown they enjoy trips to Mississippi in the winter. I do apologize that I picked such an easy game. It is like a major league player playing slow-pitch softball with 12-year-olds but I had to get off to a strong start. I knew there was a reason Oregon State exists. They always find a way to boost my self-esteem.

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boothjockey said...

Well said. I too picked the Cardinal. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Thoughts on the rest of the Pac-10 games this weekend? Here are my winners:
Arizona, ASU, Cal, Okie State, Oregon, Tennessee and USC.

Cal is the only one I'm shaky on, but I've got to think last year was just a down year for the Bears.