Monday, March 10, 2008

The Danny Green Dunk

After posting the picture I figured it would be appropriate to learn how to embed YouTube video on this here blog. I figure having a Duke player, Greg Paulus no less, getting dunked on at home would be the perfect one to start start.


elmazz said...

JM you seem a bit too interested in this whole twig and berries tea bagging gig...I am starting to think maybe Eugene is growing on you? But hey the embedded video, nice job;)

J Smith said...

I knew my infatuation with that type of dunk would come back to haunt me. The point of such descriptive language was to make it clear what exactly happened. With my YouTube wizardry I may not have to describe these types of dunks in that way, or maybe I will. Hard to tell. I also figured that if I used such descriptive language elmazz would want to learn so much more about the play!