Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kirk Herbstreit (Class of '93)

Kirk Herbstreit is a popular guy in college football land. He is on ESPN's College GameDay show, which appeals to the men. He also could be classified as good-looking, or so says the ladies. I generally don't have anything against Herbstreit but the fact that he is a former non-throwing quarterback for Ohio State bothers me a little. One, because they still don't have a use for a quarterback that can actually throw the pill. And two, because he likes him some Ohio State Buckeyes. Herbstreit had a prominent role discussing college football on SportsCenter last night and was nice enough to give us his Top 5, which included Ohio State in the #1 spot. Here are more brilliant tidbits from Ohio State's own.

Herbstreit: Likes the BCS as it is, though he wouldn't be against a +1 format.

Well of course he loves the BCS as it is as opposed to a playoff. With the BCS the Big Ten is guaranteed a team (Ohio State or Michigan) in the championship discussion. Never do both of them play tough non-conference games in the same season and the Big Ten is an abomination of big-boy football. If there were a playoff the Big Ten would rarely be able to advance past the first round of play, unless of course two Big Ten teams were playing each other.

Herbstreit: Doesn't think South Florida should be in the championship if they are undefeated.

I wonder why they only asked him about South Florida and not Ohio State. By looking at their schedules it is painfully obvious that going undefeated through South Florida's schedule is more impressive than doing the same with Ohio State's. As far as I'm concerned the Big Ten and Big East are about the same. Both have a significant presence in the Eastern Time Zone and both are incredibly overrated. I doubt those two facts have anything to do with each other but I digress. With South Florida playing at Auburn and winning I would be far more offended if Ohio State goes undefeated and plays in the championship. I'm a Pac-10 guy but listing a road win against Washington as your best victory to date is embarrassing. Remember both conferences they play in are incredibly weak so pointing out conference wins does nothing to separate the two.

Herbstreit: Doesn't like Boston College because they need to be more consistent.

What does that mean? They have played a bunch of cupcakes, looked good in some wins, poor in others. Sounds a lot like a team from the Midwest I've heard a lot about lately. The great thing about Herbstreit not liking Boston College was that he simply said they weren't consistent. No mention of the fact that they have played a lot of weak teams. From that I can only assume Herbstreit knows Ohio State is in the same boat so doesn't want to say Boston College is out of his Top 5 because of a weak schedule. By using that criteria it would blow up his #1 team, making him look like more of an idiot/homer.

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